Chocolate Mousse


250 g Dark chocolate 70%
300 ml Heavy cream chilled
1 tbls Vanilla extract

To serve
50 gcrushed green pistachios



Create a bain marie by placing a bowl over a pot full of simmering water on low heat.
Chop dark chocolate to chunky pieces and place them into bowl
Heat over bain marie , stir with a spatula occasionally until the chocolate is almost melted.

Place heavy cream(chilled) into a large bowl add vanilla extract and Beat with a hand mixer on            high speed until you nearly create whipped cream (looking for a yogurt like texture, if you                    beat it for long time it will split, so need to be careful)
Add the melted chocolate and quickly but gently combine together
Refrigerate it till ready to use
Roast for 10 minutes to 180c  the green pistachios place them into a blender and pulse for 3-4              minutes. Place the to a small bowl till service.


Place hot water into a bowl and place a table spoon into
Take mouse out of the fridge, take the hot spoon and create the chocolate mouse quenelle
Place the chocolate mouse quenellel to the center of the plate crumb the pistachio on the top             and a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt. Serve it immediately