At Xenia, we are inspired by an Ancient Greek hospitality concept which is built on friendship. Today, we often forget how important not only the food being served is, but most importantly how it is being served. Our aim is to be most welcoming, caring and friendly to all our guests, so they feel like they are sitting at home, wherever they are.

"Happiness is Homemade"

We are a small group of professionals with many years of experience in the hospitality industry. Our skill set varies from brunch cafes to fast casual dining, steakhouses and high-end hotels to rosette awarded restaurants. Working together has helped us obtain a broad range of knowledge about food and service. 

"Do it with passion or not at all"

I'We are friends and family, passionate about every detail on the plate, we source and select the freshest ingredients that make our dishes so special. Its not only our job but our way of living, from one simple flower on the table we focus on achieving an unforgettable dining experience for all our guests.